Shams Emaar, the corporate social responsibility team of Emaar, hosted workers from across its partner companies at RISE Dubai Creek Harbour to celebrate an evening of fun and togetherness.

Another initiative under the #BuildingCommunities events by Shams Emaar at RISE Dubai Creek Harbour, the builders of Emaar’s future communities were treated to an evening of entertainment and food. Among the range of activities were karaoke singing and competitions.

The event underlines Emaar’s commitment to the workforce for their contribution to building our city and its iconic developments. Activities will continue until end of March, twice weekly.

Shams Emaar is an initiative of e25, the dynamic and autonomous team of under 25-year-olds at Emaar. e25 is on a single-minded mission to #MakeThingsHappen and in making the world an easier, better and happier place to live in.

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