Did you know that the average Indian employee spends well over 48 hours a week in his workspace? Considering the fact that this accounts for well over two-thirds of the waking hours of an average person, we can safely conclude that the function of workspaces is well beyond the normative and accepted confines as simply a place of work. It is in fact effectively a second home to employees and therefore should provide a comfortable and safe environment for them to flourish.

The pandemic has further blurred the boundaries between professional and personal lives, with employees spending even more time working, and chronic stress and burnout, therefore, becoming an omnipresent phenomenon at workspaces. It is of utmost importance today to be cognizant of the verity that spending excessive time at work does not necessarily equate to higher employee productivity or performance. Incontestably,  quite contradictory to this archaic notion, industry experts today affirm that productivity is at its peak when employees are provided with an environment that is conducive to an optimum work-life balance.

Now, what do we understand by work-life balance?

When we talk about work-life balance, we often tend to condense the concept into simply meaning a lifestyle that allows you to give equal attention and time to both your professional and personal life. However, it is paramount to comprehend that this is not a concept that can be relegated to a dichotomy. Rather, it is a concept highly individualised and subjective to the needs and wants of the individual and his workspace and is replete with complexities.

When we talk about work-life balance, we in actuality refer to a lifestyle that not only allows you to have time for your personal and professional life but also when an organization is able to foster an environment harbouring healthy and happy employees. When the workspace is able to understand that it is not a choice between a healthy physical and mental lifestyle for employees, and organizational productivity, but rather that these two shares an intimately symbiotic relationship is when the company can be set to be firmly on the path to achieve great success.

Emaar India: Emblematic of a workspace cultivating healthy work-life balance

In less than two decades, since Emaar India’s venture into the Indian market, the globally renowned realty firm has successfully established a robust portfolio of commercial spaces. With Emaar Business Districts in Gurugram, the real estate developer has launched one-of-a-kind mixed-use commercial land parcels, which can be leased or bought for being used as commercial shops or retail avenues.

With a vision of providing an elevated market experience, to business owners, employers as well as consumers, EBDs have successfully managed to change the landscape of hitherto untapped sections of the Millenium City and its peripheral micromarkets of New Gurugram.

One of the cardinal reasons for the projected success of these spaces by Emaar India is the realty’s comprehension of the importance of work-life balance and their canny integration of this concept in their architectural design and execution. When employees are provided an atmosphere that nurtures their physical, mental and recreational needs they are their highest retention and job satisfaction among employees. Content workers are productive and innovative workers. Emaar India is cognizant of these needs of employees. Therefore, at Emaar Business District you will experience an enlivened shop-cum-office space where you have numerous facilities designed to enrich your mind, body, and soul.

To ensure that employees are always at peak physical health, the EBDs have wellness facilities like a gymnasium, and well-planned pedestrian walkways to encourage movement. The open-air boulevards with landscaped gardens further provide a tranquil environment to relax mid-day during work. These open spaces help in generating endorphins which boost employee mood and morale, and it is in these moments ‘away-from-work’ amidst candid conversations that the greatest innovations take place. Further, the districts also have a plethora of FnB avenues, from fine dining options to a food truck zone, here you have the option to satiate your craving and decompress after a long day at work.

Additionally, it is important to remember that your employees are more than just cogs in a corporate machine. Humans are innately social beings and need interaction with others to be healthy and thrive. For these interactions to happen spontaneously, the workspace needs to be designed in such a way that it encourages communication and collaboration. It is precisely this need that Emaar India targets by creating numerous recreational zones and open spaces where the employees can gather together to indulge in group activities. Emaar India is committed to providing employees a workspace where they work not just for the paycheck, but one which facilitates the building of a thriving social network and atmosphere that motivates them to come back every day. When deep relationships are built at workspaces, it encourages not only employee engagement but also retention, thereby creating a workforce that is highly motivated to attain excellence.

Final Thoughts:

Emaar Business Districts with its unique integration of shop and retail spaces, and amenities that set it a class apart from the rest, is primed to cater to the class of future leaders. With an environment that boosts employee recruitment, engagement, and retention through incorporating work-life balancing features, EBDs provides you with an exemplary opportunity to invest with the creator of iconic assets in the fastest-growing locale in Gurugram.

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